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College senior in the big city. I like lifting, sports, the beach, running, and wine. Workaholic, lifter, runner, wannabe yogi and someone trying to find her true self. I'm always a work in progress trying to be the best.

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I mean I had to get up at midnight for work and ended up taking a 2 hour nap in the middle of the day so my body was all out of whack. The amount of caffeine and carbs I pumped through my system to stay awake was unheard of.

Today however, I started on the right foot. I got 8.5 hours of sleep and then I hit the gym this morning for HIIT, back and bis. Nothing crazy, no pr’s, just a nice solid get back on track gym session.

As for the rest of the day, I have to go to an event for work at 1230 and I have to hit the bank. Other than that just hit my macros and try to squeeze in 20 minutes of yoga tonight (before under the dome because woah that show is just mind blowing.)

Have a lovely Monday!

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I know this blog has been a nice mix of random shiz lately and here’s the latest.

So long story short I had to stay with a friend because my parents left for vacation today and I had to work. I have to take a train tomorrow at 630am (well i guess today) to meet them. I’m staying with my friend who sweetly gave me her key during the day to let myself in with promises she wouldn’t be back late. It’s currently 2am and I just got a frantic text saying I need to be up at 230 to let her in.

I get that I’m your guest but this is ridiculous. I had to get up at 630 to get to work this morning and I’m so tired. I’m going to be exhausted tomorrow and I’m super pissed right now. Ugh whatever. Hopefully I can sleep on the train…

Have included a lot of ups and downs:

-my workouts have been killer. I pr’ed back to back days: 115x5 on my deadlift (up from 105x5) and 65x5 (up from 65x3)!! I’ve also increased my cardio and both workouts have left me super duper sweaty.
-breakfast has been super healthy, always good to start on a positive note
-I’ve gotten to spend some time with my family which is always a plus
-I also got to hang out in a new Starbucks yesterday which will be my new favorite place this school year
-work itself has been pretty decent just a little long

-my grandparents are kind of in a bad state health wise which is really sad and depressing. I definitely teared up totally remembering the good times
-I’ve worked so many pointless hours this week just because my freaking bosses have these pointless meetings about this event we’re planning and they make me want to pull my hair out
-for all you New Yorkers out there - had a breakdown at a d train stop because within 10 minutes I missed my train and then the subway each by about 30 seconds
-haven’t met my macros and I need to do that ASAP

Tomorrow’s goal: workout. Meet macros. Prep for game. Done, done and done

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