Kicking butt and Taking names

College senior in the big city. I like lifting, sports, the beach, running, and wine. Workaholic, lifter, runner, wannabe yogi and someone trying to find her true self. I'm always a work in progress trying to be the best.

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Sometimes fall flat because you catch a freaking destructive cold and all you want to eat is soup and not workout/move but you still have to work an insane amount of hours…

Anyways, I’m feeling much better to start this week and I’m on my way home from grocery shopping which is something I haven’t really had the chance to do a ton of lately.

Planning to ease back into the gym and IIFYM today. I just recalculated them so I tweaked it a bit. Also planning to make a vat of pasta, ground turkey, veggies and marinara sauce for dinner this week. I’m so excited, I can’t even describe it haha

Today will feature 30 minutes on the elliptical - I feel like running may reactivate the cold…and shoulders/abs.

Also attempting to grab dinner with my friend tonight because I seriously haven’t seen my friends in ages.

I’ve been having a lot of inner battles this semester just because I’m working a crap ton. On one hand it bodes well for my future but it’s cutting into my enjoy senior year time…oh well. I just wish i wasn’t exhausted 80% of the time

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you guys I might actually get in either all or most of my workouts this week. I’m so excited. 

monday: 30 minutes of sprints, shoulders, abs

tuesday: legs, 10 min cardio

wednesday: run 2 miles, 30 minutes yoga

thursday: 20-30 min cardio, chest, tris, abs

friday: back, bis, 15 min HIIT + 1 hour yoga

(if possible) between saturday and sunday: run 3 easy miles, 30 minutes of light yoga/stretching

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If you haven’t noticed my posting has significantly dropped in the last month. I mean granted - it usually drops when school starts but this year it’s been off of a cliff. I also feel like I’m in the edge of a cliff at times this semester.

Let me start by saying I’m taking 17 credits, working at my school’s radio station, picking up shifts at a network radio station, interning and running my schools newspaper. I work ridiculous hours - overnights, some shifts till 3, 4 in morning - I’ve been having a really hard time finding a balance.

Like tonight for example, I stayed in, put on sweatpants, had a huge glass of red wine, some Italian food and then caught up on my hw. It was awesome.

It was also awesome that I hit the gym the last few days and tweaked my workouts to better fit my schedule.

Diet comes next and god do I need to do something about it and it starts with cooking most of my meals. But I don’t have time to go to the grocery store until Tuesday…

I ‘m super sorry this is so,whiny I just needed a brain dump