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College senior in the big city. I like lifting, sports, the beach, running, and wine. Workaholic, lifter, runner, wannabe yogi and someone trying to find her true self. I'm always a work in progress trying to be the best.

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Today was just about perfect. Almost so close. As you can see my macros were well distributed. I ended my day around 1550 calories which is the perfect amount. I had a delicious dinner (dijon mustard chicken on a salad). And I went out to lunch and still ate healthy - what up panera :)

But i didn’t do yoga like I was supposed to. AGAIN. Seriously i’ve let my flexibility fall to the wayside and it’s not good. Tomorrow I will do at least 30 minutes of yoga even if it’s just light stretching.

By the way, tomorrow is a rest day, because I will be getting blood drawn and working out doesn’t seem like the best idea. 

PS. gratuitous leg/butt appreciation on forever 21’s dressing room 

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